The proper #Militia has proper #Merch


About Us

The token thats #SAFU
Mandox has been Breaking The Norm and setting Bars since its inception in November of 2021. Follow us on twitter or the links below to learn more!

The Mandox

Originating from the Love of art and the NFT world. We have released our first collection of 100 with 10k more coming! stay up to date at or on telegram

Delivery and Shipping

We will Ship anywhere world wide it is permitted. With all that is going on in the world certain stretches may not be reachable. If ever an issue exists please email to and we will remediate the Issue as soon and as best as we can.


There is a variety of payment options available for our store. Some may or may not be available in your area. This is subject to change and we will do anything we can to make Mandox reach even the furthest places.


We Love you and all things Mandox. Each purchase we will Donate a percentage to our Missions Wallet, You can always help Change a life with Mandox.

Mandox Contact

Feel free to contact us on any officials.